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Sardinian Beaches

  • Poetto
    Poetto is called by Cagliari’s inhabitants “the beach of the hundred thousands”, because it can host thousands of people, who can find space and refreshment on hot summer days. This beautiful sandy shore extends for 11 km from the small port of Marina Piccola (Cagliari), dominated by the hill Sella del Diavolo, to Margine Rosso (Quartu Sant’Elena). The beach is wide and the water shallow, therefore ideal for both adults and children. In summertime Poetto with its 'kiosks' (small bars) becomes the heart of Cagliari’s nightlife.

  • Mari Pintau
    The literal translation of the Sardinian name “Mari Pintau” is “painted sea”. The greatest of the Impressionists, however, could never do justice to the emerald sea that feasts our eyes along the road to Villasimius. The water is ideal for snorkelers.

  • Geremeas
    Geremeas Bay
    includes both beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque rocky coves. Among the beaches Kal’e Moru has been awarded the FEE Blue Flag for the quality of the water and the services offered. It is a popular destination among surfers and kite-surfers.
    The central part of the long Geremeas coast, which extends from Kal’e Moru to Baccu Mandara, is called Spiaggia Marongiu. It is a wide stretch of golden sand, protected from small dunes. In the summer of 2006 it hosted an unexpected but welcome guest: a “Caretta Caretta” turtle chose this shore to lay her eggs. Many people did their utmost to protect the eggs until the time of their hatching.

  • Solanas
    Solanas is also the name of the territory that surrounds the beach. The long stretch of white sand is protected by two small hills covered by the thick Mediterranean maquis, which diffuses its sweet scent. The intense blue water is deep and invites you to go diving or organize boat trips.


  • Campus
    Located just a few kilometres from the entrance of the village, the beach is nevertheless not too crowded. Pleasant vegetation surrounds it.

  • Punta Molentis
    “Punta Molentis” derives its name from donkeys (“is molentis” in Sardinian). Faithful and essential companions of man, these animals helped to transport granite, an important resource in the area. Behind the wonderful beach and delightful sea, the granite rocks indeed work together to make Punta Molentis a very charming place. Part of the Marine Protected Area of Carbonara-Villasimius, Punta Molentis is also appreciated as a location for publicity spots.

  • Simius
    Although Simius is quite near to the village, the beach still remains wide and white and the waters crystal clear. Beach facilities are available as well as the possibility to hire sun-beds and parasols.

  • Timi Ama
    Timi Ama beach
    is located in the eastern part of the Notteri salt marsh, where in wintertime you can admire the beautiful pink flamingos. The pine woods and the white sand dunes behind create a beautiful setting. The best scenery can be enjoyed from the tower, which rises on the Porto Giunco hill.

  • Porto Giunco
    Porto Giunco
    is often called “the beach of the two seas”, because of the large Notteri salt marsh, which lies behind it. Since Porto Giunco joins the beach of Simius the we find the same white sand and crystal sea. However, close to the hill and the tower you can find two quite secluded coves, which are also protected from the wind.

Costa Rei

Placed in a natural and untouched setting, the beaches of the Costa Rei area show a variety of landscapes and forms. Long sandy stretches change into beautiful cliffs or small coves. The area is also popular among windsurfers and kite-surfers.
We should also mention Scoglio di Peppino with its famous rock, reminiscent of a turtle, Mimose al Mare, Spiaggia delle Ginestre, Cala Sinzias, Marina Rei, Piscina Rei and Sa Perda Niedda, which is well known for the peculiar dark colour of its rocks.

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